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Custom Paper Display Stands Help You Sell More In Retail Stores

Paper display stands, also known as cardboard display stands, are versatile and customizable solutions that provide an attractive and organized way to display your products. Made from sturdy cardboard or paper material, they are lightweight, cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to other display options.


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Today, we are going to explore the advantages of using paper display stands. 

One of the main advantages of paper display stands is their ability to grab customers' attention and create an impactful first impression. Paper display stands are easy to print with color graphics and slogans or brand logos. Brands can choose to incorporate their logo, colors and other brand elements into the display to ensure consistency and familiarity for customers. By using eye-catching graphics and compelling messaging, these displays can effectively communicate product benefits and promotions, capture customers' interest and encourage them to explore further.

Secondly, paper display stands allow for creative designs that perfectly complement branding and packaging.  Paper display racks can be designed in many different styles and sizes. There are tabletop displays and floor displays. For light products such as confectionery, and dried food, you can choose floor stands with hangers, multi-bunk shelves, wall mounted, and mini-to-store items. The flexibility and unique characteristics of the paper display stand can be tailored according to the product, the ever-changing loading is flexible, and the collocation is ingenious. It is also possible to develop puzzles and create new styles with the permission of technology, with strong freedom. Whether displaying small items like snacks or larger products like electronics, paper display racks offer adjustable shelves and compartments that can be customized to fit the product perfectly. This versatility provides retailers and customers with ease of use, an enhanced shopping experience and increased sales.

3. Lightweight and portable. Their lightweight nature allows them to be easily moved and repositioned within stores, allowing retailers to optimize product placement for maximum exposure and sales. These displays are also easy to assemble and disassemble, saving time and effort during installation and ensuring a quick turnaround when rearranging products or launching new campaigns. This feature is especially valuable for retailers who frequently update their products or need to adapt to changing seasonal demand. Paper displays offer logistical advantages that can have a positive impact on a brand’s bottom line. Its lightweight construction reduces shipping costs compared to other material display options.

4. Eco-friendly.  Since paper displays are made from recyclable materials, they contribute to sustainability, allowing brands to align with environmentally conscious customers. These eco-friendly displays can be easily recycled after use, reducing waste and minimizing the brand's carbon footprint.

5. Retailers can also benefit from the durability and cost-effectiveness of paper displays. Brands can save costs by leveraging affordable production and printing technologies, and can easily replace or update displays as needed without investing in expensive replacements.

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Hicon POP Displays has been a factory of custom displays for more than 20 years. We have rich experience in making your brand display fixtures in metal, wood, acrylic as well and cardboard. No matter you need floor displays or countertop displays, we will have the right display solution for you.

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Post time: Nov-15-2023